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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Over 5 months down!

If you count PMT and Mobilization, that is. Oh well that counts if you ask me! If you count pre-d training/schools, I have lived alone for 11 months. If you only count the Stan, I've lived alone almost 4.

Is it may yet? I need some R&R and im not even deployed!



  1. yay for over 5 months down!! I hope he gets R&R soon!! I can relate to how you feel. My hubby has been deployed for just over 5 months too but he actually left in April for all his training and stuff. Hang in there girl! <3

  2. He gets R&R in may! Seems like a long time, but it will be month 10 of 12 so we wont have to say bye for long after that! Plus he will be home for both our birthdays and my nursing pinning/lamplighting! woohoo!

    Im so happy your husbands home!! loved the pics!