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Sunday, August 8, 2010


I love our FRG. Its a great group of people who really want to make this deployment as painless as possible. We are trying to arrange it to where we all stay the night in the City the night before the meetings, and that way we can hang out, shop, eat dinner, see a movie with the kids, whatever and get to know each other better. Its hard to find time to talk in the 2 hour meetings when we are rushed for time. Emotional support is one reason I attend the meetings and take part in the FRG.

 Being Guard, we all live in different parts of the state (or out of state), so I think it might be easier for some to stay the night anyway. We found a place that will let us stay for 30 dollars per room, and thats pretty darn cheap.

Karmen had a great time in the kids class during the meeting, and I was happy to see that she enjoyed it as much as she did today.

This is my last week of freedom before class starts back, and I'm dreading it!! I will definitely be busy, and that will be nice, but the clinical paperwork and studying I am not looking forward to!!



  1. That is a great idea and one I am going to suggest at our next FRG meeting!

  2. Thanks! Hope you guys can get it started.