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Monday, August 2, 2010

My fellow military wives

You are an irreplaceable balm to my spirit, I swear. I am not sure if I would be holding up without you ladies (you know who you are). Even though none of you live here in Duncan, I'm so thankful to have you guys to talk to.

This may be a long year, but we will survive it and our lives will be enriched because of it. Ok, I lied, they're not so enriched at the moment, but they will be by the end of next year. Scout's honor.



  1. We're 4.5 months into our first deployment, and my husband and I are even closer than when we started (and I wasn't sure if that was possible!). You'll survive this, and be a stronger person for it :)

  2. I hope so!! Thats great that you and your husband are closer now :) I need something to look forward to for sure.