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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Close to 50 days :)

It's not getting much easier, but it's going. In fact, it's been harder lately because I had a 5 day weekend this last weekend and karmen stayed with my mom for 3 of those days. I missed her sooo much, because we've never been apart that long. Plus I had finished all my homework plus some, and then I was stuck at home with nothing to do. I was so happy to go back to clinical today.

I also found out today that I get to spend most of next monday with kasey and ALL of tuesday and wednesday!! Before I thought I had med/surg orientation tuesday and wednesday, but my instructor told us today we only had to go if we'd never been to that hospital before. I don't get to drive him to the airport thursday :( but maybe its better that way. I have class that morning. I'll probably cry through the whole class after telling him bye that morning. I won't see him again for almost 10 months after that. His R&R is at the very end almost.

Anyway, I'm bummed I don't get to drop him off to send him back to where they are going to leave from, but it'd be really sad anyway so it might be best that way. Just say goodbye the night before and tell him bye just like I would any other day the morning of. Ok, now I'm just rambling so I'll stop here :)


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