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Sunday, September 26, 2010

70ish days down

His final 4 day pass was this last week, and it was great. Karmen was in heaven with her daddy home, and keeps trying to convince me that he will be back in a "couple days." :( Poor baby. I will say, "No, Daddy's going to be gone a long time for work this time." And she looks at me like I need a straight jacket, and says, "No a couple days."

Anyway, enough of the sad stuff. Its been 20 days since my last post (oops), and time is a tickin'. Thank goodness for that. I've been s.w.a.m.p.e.d with school, and I am studying today for my 2 exams tomorrow. I have to make 100 on one of them, so no pressure or anything. Seven more months....I can do this, I think I can, I think I can.

I have clinical at the hospital from 630 am to 7 pm (ack) Tuesday, and will have lots of fun paperwork to go along with that. Then I have two more tests (one online, 1 in class) on Thursday.

THEN, this weekend I am going to go get fitted for my bridesmaid dress. My soon to be sis in law had the dresses hand made, and its ready to be tried on now. October 16 is her and my brothers wedding, and the night before is her bachelorette party ;) Its going to be fun! I booked a hotel last night for that night, and the night of the wedding and I'm excited. Its going to be a beautiful wedding. Kasey was supposed to be the best man, and he feels awful about missing it. I wish he could come, but I'll take lots of pictures for him.

I'm a key caller for the FRG and I didnt know it involved so much work! LOL I had no idea you had to keep call logs, etc. Plus I'm writing two columns for the FRG newsletter: the spouse section and moms of young children. So needless to say, with karmen school and the FRG I've been busy!

Thats all I can think of posting for now. I have to get back to the books. More updates soon!



  1. You can do this girl!! My hubby just left on Friday!! I have 5 months away from him...I am doing what your doing, I am going to write daily blogs while he is gone!! I enjoy reading yours!! Glad to see your back!

  2. Thanks! I need to catch up on my blog reading.